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Woodworm control

The woodworm is a persistent pest that can cause irreparable damage to the wood in your home and furniture. In the worst case, it may even be necessary to replace entire construction beams or all of your furniture if you have suffered from the woodworm. The damage caused by the woodworm can therefore run into a lot of paperwork and cause major problems. In order to prevent this, it is important to recognise the woodworm in time and to control it in time. In this article we would like to tell you more about the woodworm and how to control and prevent this persistent problem.

Nuisance from the woodworm? These are the most important symptoms:

In principle, the woodworm is easy to recognise. The woodworm feeds itself with wood, resulting in small holes in your wooden furniture, floors and roofs. In addition, you can recognise the woodworm by finding sawdust near your wood. The woodworm itself is generally less easy to see. The woodworm is a rather small larva, which is very good at hiding itself in the wood. However, it can be an alarm signal if you also encounter a lot of beetles in the house or near the wood. These beetles may have left their larvae (the woodworm) behind in your wood.

Where does the woodworm come from?

The woodworm can enter your home in different ways. For example, you may bring the woodworm into your house yourself by storing firewood outside and then taking it inside. In addition, the woodworm can also be found in second-hand furniture. It is therefore wise to check all the wood you bring home for the presence of the woodworm.

What in particular should you not do?

Since controlling woodworm is difficult, it is wise to try to prevent it as much as possible. Don’t just take wood from the outside in and also be careful with second-hand wooden furniture. Do not ignore the signals of the woodworm, the consequences can be very big. Finally, we therefore advise you to take the woodworm seriously and, in case of doubt, to call in a pest controller for advice.

What can you do?

If you suffer from the woodworm, it is important to fight it. This is best done by a pest controller. Since the woodworm is stubborn and can cause great damage, it is not recommended to just start working with chemical products yourself.

How can you prevent the woodworm?

It is better to prevent the woodworm than to fight it. Fortunately, you can prevent the woodworm relatively easily by having your wood fight preventively. This is especially advisable if you have a lot of woodwork in your house or shed and want to prevent further problems with the woodworm in the future. A pest protector can tell you more about how you can preventively control woodworm. In addition, you can always have your wood checked preventively by a pest controller. This can be wise if, for example, you are planning to buy an old house with a lot of wooden constructions.

Control woodworm? Follow these 5 tips:

    1. The simplest way to control woodworm is to remove wood affected by the woodworm from your home. Keep in mind, however, that the woodworm can now also be found in other wooden objects. The problem does not end automatically after you have removed the affected wood and it is important that you remain alert to the signals that point to the woodworm.
    2. Does the woodworm live in loose objects? You can sometimes control the woodworm by putting the wood in the freezer or in the oven. Keep in mind that not all wooden objects can withstand this extreme coolness or heat equally well.
    3. Since prevention is easier than control, we advise you to have your wood treated preventively. If in doubt, always contact a pest protector. Controlling woodworm is less complex if you are there on time.
    4. Always check wood that you take with you from outside or second-hand for the presence of the woodworm.
    5. We advise you not to start using pesticides yourself. Not all pesticides are equally effective, and can also make the problem worse.

Let the woodworm control always be carried out by a pest controller!

The woodworm is persistent and can cause enormous damage if you do not take action in time. Since the woodworm is not easy to control itself, we recommend that you always call in a pest exterminator. Even if you have doubts about the woodworm, or if you want to have your wood controlled preventively, the pest controller can help and advise you on your way.

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