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Fighting woodlice

When you lift a flower pot or slide a container aside in the garden, you often see them right away: woodlice. When there are only a few of them, fortunately that’s not a problem. However, they can cause a nuisance. For example, when they appear in large numbers in the garden and especially when they move inside. In that case, of course, you want to chase the woodlice away as quickly as possible. But how do you control them? Below you will find out all about it.

Waste bed nuisance? These are the main symptoms

Of course, you first need to be sure that you are actually suffering from woodlice before you start fighting them. There are actually few to no symptoms that can indicate that you have woodlice. They also do no harm and are actually very useful. So people want to get rid of them mainly because they themselves find it gross to have pests in the house. We usually get rid of them only when we see them. This is partly because they only appear at night.

Where do woodlice come from?

There are numerous different species of woodlice. Thirty different species live in the Netherlands alone. They have settled here for centuries. Certainly we often do not encounter them during the day because they prefer to hide in dark and damp places. They come at night to look for food. Woodlice eat mainly fungi. When fighting woodlice, it is always important to look for the source of the problem first. Look closely at the basement or crawl space because that is precisely where woodlice are often found.

What not to do:

Killing woodlice at random is never a good solution, especially when large numbers are involved. In that case you are only treating the symptoms. You might kill ten woodlice one day, but twice as many the next day. When controlling woodlice, it is also better not to use poison. Many poisons are banned and besides, they can kill other animals. It can even be harmful to your own health.

What can you do?

Do you want to fight pee in an effective way? Then there are several tips for that. For example, you can choose to catch them in an animal-friendly way. This can be done, for example, with a wet mop where they come off. It is also possible to hollow out an apple or potato and then place the closed side on the ground. The woodlice crawl into this at night and the next day you can simply move them outside. There are also devices available with high-pitched sounds that woodlice hate.

There are, of course, many other ways of controlling woodlice. For example, there are special woodlouse glue traps available. You place these near where the woodlice often come. As soon as they walk over them, the woodlice stick to the trap. Then it is easy to throw away the woodlice with trap and all. By the way, it is also possible to buy a spray or powder. Especially strong-smelling agents help well with woodlice control.

How can you prevent woodlice?

If you manage to prevent woodlice from causing a nuisance in or around your home, woodlice control is not even necessary. Fortunately, there are actually some useful tips, which are mainly aimed at preventing woodlice from entering your home. After all, in the garden, they don’t cause as many nuisances. For example, you can seal all cracks and crevices in the outside wall. For openings that really need to remain open for ventilation, it is possible to choose horgaas. for these openings. Your home should be well ventilated anyway because moisture and mold problems actually attract woodlice. The same applies to rotting window frames near windows and doors, for example.

Controlling woodlice? Follow these 5 tips


  1. Make sure woodlice have no reason to come into your home. Prevent mold and too much moisture
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  3. You can use both animal-friendly and less animal-friendly methods in woodlice control
  4. Get to the root of the problem and try to solve it
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  6. Eject woodlice from the garden if you can catch them alive. They are very useful and functional animals.
  7. Are you looking for the woodlice during the day? Then look in damp and dark places
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Get woodlice control performed by a pest controller

Of course, you can choose to control woodlice yourself. However, a pest controller can do this much faster and more effectively. In this way, the problem is solved much faster and you can also be sure that you will not be bothered by them for the time being.

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