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Control wasps

When sitting in the garden in the summer with a cold glass of lemonade or another drink, wasps can be very annoying. These animals sometimes occur in large numbers in our garden and sometimes even build nests in or around our house. In that case the nuisance can become so bad that fighting wasps becomes almost inevitable. But when do you actually suffer from wasps and what exactly can you do to prevent nuisance?

Nuisance caused by wasps? These are the most important symptoms:

When one or a few wasps are circling in the garden from time to time, there is of course no talk of nuisance. It may be annoying, but fighting wasps is not immediately necessary. However, when it comes to a large number of wasps, there is reason to worry. In that case it may just be that there is a wasp’s nest nearby. And in that case it can be a nuisance. A wasp’s nest can take care of thousands of wasps. Always keep a close eye on whether there is a wasp’s nest in the area. These can often be found in barns or other outbuildings. Also under the roof or in the attic is a popular place for wasps.
Usually only queen wasps survive the winter. They hibernate and then build a nest. Slowly but surely this nest develops into a large wasp population that will continue to grow during the summer. In August the wasp population reaches its peak and usually there are thousands. On top of that they become a lot more aggressive. When you have a large number of wasps it is usually because there is a nest in the area. It is also possible that they come to a source of sweetness.

What not to do?

Fighting wasps? There are various methods for doing so. However, it is also important to know what, above all, you should not do. It is not wise, for example, to approach the wasps aggressively and hit them. If you want to remove a wasp’s nest, it is also very unwise to do so unprotected. The wasps will protect their nest at all costs. And although a single wasp sting is harmless to most people, it becomes a different story when hundreds or even thousands of wasps come after you.

What can you do?

When it comes to a few wasps, you can easily solve it yourself. For example by using a certain spray or catching the wasps with a glass. However, when it comes to many wasps, it becomes a lot more difficult to solve it yourself. Finding the source of the problem alone is quite difficult. In that case it is therefore also wiser to call in a professional pest repellent.

How to prevent wasps

Preventing wasps is, of course, a lot better than fighting them. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely prevent wasps from getting into and around the house. There are some measures that can be taken to minimize the chance of a wasp nest. For example, regularly check places where wasps can build their nests. Think of places such as under roof tiles and between cavity walls. Look not only in and on the house itself, but also in the immediate vicinity of the house.

Fighting wasps? Follow these five tips

    1. Check regularly for risky spots on wasp nests
    2. For some wasps it is possible to use aids such as a spray or powder
    3. Approach wasp nests carefully and certainly not unprotected
    4. Do not use poison to repel the wasps. This is forbidden.
    5. Don’t take any risk and call in a professional

Let wasp control always be carried out by a pest controller

You can, of course, fight wasps yourself. However, you can also choose to hire a professional to do this. That has many advantages. First of all, a professional pest control professional knows exactly what to do to tackle the nuisance of wasps. In addition, it is of course also a lot safer. Nobody wants to get thousands of angry wasps behind him or her because he or she is trying to remove a wasp’s nest by himself or herself. Moreover, a professional pest controller is much better able to detect and tackle the source of the problem. As a layman it can still be quite difficult to find out where all those wasps actually come from and whether or not there is a wasp’s nest.

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