Get rid of Pigeons

Get rid of pigeons

Chasing away pigeons has been going on for as long as there are cities. Did you know that the pigeon as we know it had a very high status in antiquity? In the time of the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians, pigeons were used for economic activity. They were mainly used for consumption and transport of messages, because pigeons fly back to their loft. In addition, the pigeon was a symbol for the mother goddesses Ishtar and Semiramis. Semiramis even got a divine status because she was not only Queen of Assyria but also founder of Babylonia.

chase away pigeons

In the Middle Ages, pigeons were mainly kept by noble families and clergy. Because of this pigeons were mainly active around churches and buildings, the pigeons often nested there.

In the twentieth century, keeping pigeons became a hobby. A hobby that eventually turned into a pigeon sport. This sport led to pigeon associations and pigeon races for racing pigeons. In addition, pigeons were also used for ornamental purposes, as a result of which ornamental pigeons made their appearance.

Pigeons and the city

In our Dutch cities there are different types of pigeons. Table 1 shows the different types.

Pigeon species
Stad pigeons,
Wood pigeons,
Turkish roots
Distaken racing pigeons

These pigeons find nesting places in the city and this also causes various types of nuisance. According to the Rijksdienst voor de Monumentzorg, the pigeons not only provide dirty gutters, buildings and monuments, they also bring with them enormous costs for cleaning and restoring the nuisance. That is why various authorities, but also citizens, are busy chasing pigeons away.

How best to chase away pigeons?

Ways to chase the pigeons starts of course with feeding the pigeons. Pigeons mainly get their food from humans. Man provides the pigeons with bread, fruit and other kinds of food and therefore pigeons mainly get their food. Because of this, the weak, sick pigeons also survive. By reducing the food supply for pigeons, we can ensure that the pigeon population remains healthy and that the sick and weak pigeons indirectly disappear.


In addition, people can chase pigeons away by using repellent methods in places where pigeons prefer to nest. These methods ensure that pigeons move, but this does not reduce the population. The first method with which you can chase pigeons away is by placing animal-friendly nets made of synthetic fibre. These nets prevent pigeons from nesting and are therefore an excellent way to chase pigeons away.


The second method with which you can chase pigeons away is by means of wires. The wires make sure that the pigeons cannot land, which means that pigeons move around and eventually chase away pigeons.

Electromagnetic pulse system

The third way to chase away pigeons is by means of an electromagnetic pulse system. This system consists of two wires close to each other, the wires make sure that the pigeons get electric pulses which will chase away the pigeons. This method is the ideal way to chase away pigeons, especially recommended in the long term, because pigeons don’t get used to it.

Anti pigeon pegs

Anti pigeon pegs are strips that you place on places where pigeons are often found. The idea behind these strips is that they chase pigeons away. Why do they do this? Because pigeons don’t like to sit on pegs and because pigeons can no longer sit in their favourite place. You can think of the edge of a roof, window sill, signboard of your shop or a gutter. These strips are made of polycarbonate and are easy to mount in the desired places to chase away pigeons.

chase away pigeons

Bird Free Anti-Pigeon Gel (5 pcs)

Bird Free has put an innovative product on the market to chase away pigeons. With this product you can chase away pigeons by means of a gel. This gel is located in trays and if they have the right distance (20 to 30 centimetres) from each other, they can chase pigeons optimally. Pigeons are chased away by the trays together. These provide ultraviolet light or reflection, which pigeons experience as terrible. In addition, the gel contains ingredients that pigeons don’t like, which stimulates the fighting of pigeons even more. One of the advantages of Bird Free trays compared to anti pigeon pegs is that you can chase away pigeons without having to see the product. The trays can be placed on a rim, so that they can chase pigeons away from humans but optimally.

Video Chasing away pigeons

Watch a video below about pigeons and why people like to chase pigeons:

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