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Control pigeons

Fighting pigeons is best left to a professional. Therefore always call in a animalist. A large number of pigeons live in urban areas. They have almost no natural enemies in the city and there is food in abundance. The pigeon will not quickly disappear from the streets either. Although people generally don’t bother with pigeons, because they are used to it, a large part of the people sit with their hands in their hair because of the nuisance. Fighting pigeons in some places is therefore pure necessity.

fighting pigeons

You don’t just fight pigeons. There are many ways to combat nuisance, but not everything works equally easily and quickly. Just like in the wild, pigeons look for shelter, safety and food. Nuisance is not only caused by the presence of the pigeon, but rather the dirt that is left behind, such as droppings and messy, unhygienic nests. The nests cause blockages in the rain drainage and the droppings are unhygienic and difficult to remove.
Fighting pigeons can be a difficult task. There are animal-friendly and animal-unfriendly methods. The animal-unfriendly methods can be unnecessarily painful for pigeons and other animals alike. Not only is it forbidden to cause animal suffering, but it is also punishable.

Pigeons nuisance? These are the most important symptoms:

Pigeons can cause a lot of nuisance. Per year the average pigeon produces 14kg of poop. Pigeon feces contain a high degree of acidity, which damages facades and cars if feces are not removed immediately. In the feces of pigeons there can be bacteria that cause E-coli, parrot disease or salmonella infection. If you come into contact with pigeon droppings, this can result in lung disease or gastrointestinal complaints, but only in very exceptional and frequent contact with pigeons.

Urban pigeons are genetically descended from rock pigeons. Our stone buildings act as a rock for the pigeon with a favourite spot on flat roofs. Gutters and broken roof tiles are often used to nest, with possible leakage as a result. To great annoyance, window benches and balconies are also popular nesting places for the pigeon. Pigeon droppings are difficult to clean and there is almost no point, because pigeons keep coming back.

pigeon nuisance

Avoiding pigeon nuisance? What not to do!

Because of the Nature Conservation Act it is forbidden to kill naturally Dutch birds. In exceptional cases, city pigeons may be killed under strict conditions. The method of killing is also subject to strict regulations. Sprinkling poison is strictly forbidden at all times. Do not use sticky gel as a pesticide! In this way you cause animal suffering for pigeons and other animals. The same applies to ultrasounds. These devices not only harm pigeons, but also other animals.

Avoiding pigeons nuisance? Read here what you can do.

There is no reason to hurt the animal, because simply irritating it usually works best. If you make your environment as unattractive as possible for pigeons, they have no reason to nest with you. A large imitation bird such as a falcon or eagle is intimidating for pigeons. Nowadays a pigeon netting can come in different colours and is a good solution if you live in an area where there are a lot of pigeons. Pigeons do not like light reflection and sound. Tape frightening is a stretched thread with ribbons reflecting the sun. The ribbons give a metallic sound through the wind. An alternative to a ribbon is to tension a rope with old CDs. A stretched wire 10 cm above the railing or a pigeon strip prevents pigeons from landing on your balcony.

How can you prevent pigeons?

Do not feed pigeons! This keeps pigeons coming back. Stretch a net or cage over your chimney. Regularly check your gutters for nests. There are special pigeon pins for the gutters and window sills that prevent pigeons from nesting. Regularly clean your balcony with a hard brush, so that the bacteria in the droppings do not spread. If you see a nest forming, remove it immediately.

Fighting pigeons? Follow these 5 tips:

  1. What to do against pigeons on balcony? A fake bird of prey scares pigeons.
  2. Remove old nests immediately after incubation with gloves and mouth shield.

Let pigeons always be controlled by a pest controller!

Do you have a persistent problem with pigeons and would you like to chase away pigeons and leave it to someone else? Call in professional pest control at all times. Pigeon control is a breeze for pest control. Moreover, the pest controller is familiar with the control rules of the Nature Conservation Act. With their years of experience and knowledge they are experts in pigeon control. These professionals have the right equipment to get the job done. The daily annoyance is quickly solved for you and you can enjoy life again. You can request information without obligation if you want to get rid of your pigeon problem once and for all.

Video Pigeon nuisance

Watch a video below about pigeons and why people hate pigeons:

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