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Pest Control in Reno

If you suffer from pests, always call pest control. Reno has many different types of pests. Some are harmful to your health, others are a nuisance. In all cases you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. You can do it yourself but in most cases it is wise to call a pest control company. They know the best way to control each type of pest. Below is an alphabetical list of the most common pests in the United States.

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Hornet Control Reno

Hornets are not very common in the US compared to bees and wasps. However, the hornet wasp is mostly considered scary and aggressive compared to the bee and wasp. In reality the hornet wasp is a lot less aggressive. It must be said, however, that the sting of a hornet is considerably more painful than that of its congeners. A rarity is the Asian hornet. This species is considered a threat to bees and is therefore always controlled. The difference between a hornet and a wasp is that it is a lot bigger, buzzes audibly louder and has a reddish-brown head.

Mice Control Reno

Mice are by far the most common pest in the US. At least in the number of reported pests. Whereas mice are comfortable outside in the summer, they move indoors when it gets colder. It is logical that mice are a nuisance in the winter. If setting mousetraps yourself no longer helps and the mice jump over the glue boards, it is time to call the pest control service. A professional exterminator may be people's only hope in these cases.

Rat Control Reno

Rats are of a different caliber than any other pest in the Netherlands. They are one of the few species where the municipality acts when it comes to pest control. The reason for this comes from the past. Rats were the cause of the plague and killed thousands of people. Rat control is therefore something for which you may call the municipality. Not to worry. Any pest control company knows what to do with this rodent and will control it for you without any problems.

Fruit Flies

Almost everyone has them in their home, the arrival of fruit flies cannot really be prevented. They cause a lot of inconvenience and it also looks dirty when the whole fruit bowl is full of these critters. Now there are several ways to get rid of these annoying and small insects, think in particular of the various "sweet traps". However, this does not always solve the problem. When the problem does not want to be solved it is advisable to hire an exterminator, who will make sure that all flies will disappear from the house.


Woodworm can cause considerable problems in the home. This is especially the case with somewhat older houses, as the use of beams can cause woodworms to break down the structure of the wood. If nothing is done, this can even result in rotten beams in the house. To avoid all these problems it is a good idea to hire a pest control company, they will make sure that you will no longer be bothered by the woodworm in the beams and other wooden objects in the house.

Cockroach Control Reno

Many people are shocked when they first encounter cockroaches in the home. This reaction is completely normal, after all, the cockroach has a bit of a dirty look to it. The cockroach will mainly appear in the dark, however, you can also find these critters in the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. When you suffer from cockroaches, it is often not enough to get to grips with home, garden and kitchen remedies. However, pest control knows how to remove them from your home and can help you with this.

Wasp Control Reno

Wasp infestations can also cause significant problems in and around your home. These pests can build their nests in and around the house, in trees or in your garden causing potential dangers to you and your family. Wasps are known to become aggressive when their nests are disturbed, and their stings can be painful and potentially dangerous, especially to those who are allergic. To prevent these issues, it is best to seek the help of a professional pest control company near you that specializes in wasp control and wasp nest removal. They will be able to safely and effectively eliminate the wasp problem and ensure that you can live in peace and comfort in your home.

Bed bugs control Reno

Bed bugs are a common pest in many homes and can cause a significant amount of stress for those who encounter them. Bed bugs are often found in bedding, mattress seams, and in cracks and crevices in furniture. They are most active at night, which is why they are commonly known as "bed bugs." When dealing with a bed bug infestation, it is important to seek professional help from a pest control expert. Home remedies and DIY methods may provide temporary relief, but a thorough treatment by a professional is often necessary to completely eliminate the problem.

Cluster flies

The tether fly is very common in the US, but many people think that the tether fly is the same as any other kind of fly. This is not correct, because the tether fly lives in groups. Hence the name 'cluster'. These flies can be quite large, which makes the house look dirty. These flies are often attracted to light, so they can be found on windows and lamps. To get rid of these flies in an easy and quick way, it is wise to hire a pest controller. This always works, with remedies from the store it always remains to be seen if it has any effect.


Ants are attracted to sweets, which is why you can find them in places where food is often eaten. While eating, grains or drops fall on the ground, and the ants will pick them up. It is just that ants in the house are not particularly nice, they sit on everything and often come in large numbers to the food in the cupboards. To get rid of the ants in the house in an easy way, call pest control, they can use poison to make sure they don't stand a chance.


Mites are very small creatures that live on various surfaces, so you can find them in beds or in couches. Almost always the mite will nest in something made of fabric, they like this because they can sit here protected without humans being able to destroy the nest. However, the downside of these critters is that they can cause itching and rashes, as some people are allergic to the mite. To get rid of this problem once and for all, it is wise to hire a pest controller for the job.


Every year there are people who are bothered by moles in the garden. Moles may look cute, but you really don't want them in the garden. Often you don't see them, as they come out almost exclusively at night. When you have moles in the garden, you get all kinds of holes, these will also cause the garden to look battered. A pest controller can make sure that the moles will leave your garden, so you can still save your plants and flowers.

Moth Mosquitoes

The moth mosquito is a small creature, therefore it belongs to the family of the normal mosquito. However, the moth mosquito does not sting, therefore you will not get mosquito bites. It is not that moth mosquitoes can be completely ignored, in fact, this mosquito will cause a nuisance due to the fact that it is attracted to bright white light. Therefore, we often see these mosquitoes on the toilet. If there are a lot of these insects in the toilet then this is not exactly pleasant. A pest controller can make sure that the mosquitoes are taken away, and that they will not come back again.


Moths are small insects that gravitate toward light. Usually you will see moths in the shade of the lamps in the house, if you are unlucky there is even a whole group of moths. Moths cause quite a nuisance, because they fly against the lampshade every time, you will always hear that sound. In addition, people think they look dirty. Many people find this disturbing, they want to get rid of them. The remedies you buy in the hardware store are often not sufficient, for serious cases a pest controller is the only solution.


An awful lot of people in the US are afraid of spiders, especially the somewhat larger species. Their hairy legs and speed make them critters that always cause displeasure. Normally you will find spiders only in dark dry places, however it can happen that they still manage to find their way inside. They are not dangerous, only they scare you to death every time you see one unnoticed on the wall. If you have an excessive amount of spiders in your home, it is a good choice to seek out a pest controller.


The flea is a blood-sucking critter, it is therefore a parasite. These critters can cause problems even for humans, the fact is that we do not see these parasites only in dogs. The critters do often enter your home through a carrier, often a dog or cat. When you suffer from fleas you may find rashes or irritation on the skin. The spot where they bite you then also itches, a bit like the feeling of a mosquito bite. If you suffer from fleas in your home then it's time to call in a pest controller, who knows everything there is to know about fleas.

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