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Moths: of all the small insects we know, moths are probably the ones that cause the most damage. Moth larvae attack your woolly clothing: they eat it and cause frayed and difficult to repair holes in your precious clothing. It is therefore important to prevent moths from nesting in your wardrobe and should this happen: moth control should be done as soon as possible. Preferably with the help of a professional fighter!

Where do moths actually come from?

A moth is a small moth, within the Netherlands there are different species. Moths live mainly at night and therefore have little colour. The moth that will do most damage is the so-called clothing moth. This is only a small creature: even smaller than one centimetre. When they spread their wings they are about one and a half centimetres big. You can see the adult moth fluttering and then be alert! It won’t do any damage itself, but it can leave between 150 and 200 eggs in a well heated house and then the problem arises. When the eggs hatch, the larvae will start feeding and they prefer to do so with fibres from your woollen clothing. Precious woollen carpets are also very popular with these little culprits. It is better not to put off fighting moths.




What in particular should you not do?

Moths react strongly to odour. They have a fine sense of smell that is mainly directed towards worn clothing. Worn clothing contains nutrients for the larvae. So the adult moth is focused on smells like sweat, fat and even urine stains and will leave its eggs on them. Don’t leave worn clothing lying around and don’t hang it back in the closet unwashed. Moths also thrive on moisture. A wardrobe in a somewhat damp environment is therefore something you should avoid. Also be careful when airing clothes during humid weather and in the evening: these are the times when you run a high risk of taking moths inside, making moth control a necessity.

What can you do?

Fighting moths? Make sure your wardrobe is cleaned regularly. Use the hoover, especially in the corners of the wardrobe and be alert for cobwebs: these may be signs of moth larvae. If you do not wear clothing for a long period of time, store it carefully in clothing bags or tightly closed storage boxes. Before storing clothing for a longer period of time, make sure that there are no moth larvae present at that time, otherwise they will have plenty of time to attack your clothing.

How do you prevent moth larvae?

There are various preventive pesticides on the market, which can cause moths to ignore your wardrobe with varying success. In addition to a number of chemical pesticides, you can control moths by using cedar wood. For humans, cedar is a pleasant, nutty smell. However, a moth hates the strong smell of cedar. People used to make linen cupboards aware of cedar in order to keep moths at bay. Cubes or pendants made of cedar can therefore fight moths. However, it is important to sand the cubes regularly so that the smell of the wood remains active.

A handy product to check whether you are bothered by moths are the so-called moth traps. These are paper traps that have an odour that you cannot detect. The trap disperses a lure, which is normally dispersed by the moth female. The male comes to the trap and flies into the trap. Because this trap is provided with an adhesive layer, the moth cannot get away. If you check the trap, you will see that you are troubled by moths and moth control is necessary.

How best to fight moths?

Below are 5 tips to fight moths. If you have seen adult moths flying or unexplained holes in woollen clothing, fur or woollen carpets, it is important to act quickly.

    1. Wash all clothes, with extra attention to your woollen clothes
    2. Check other items of wool in your home for the presence of moths and larvae: for example, rugs, blankets and pillows
    3. Extractor more often than usual, also in and behind cabinets
    4. Clothing that has been eaten can sometimes still be repaired with darning thread so that you may still be able to use your beautiful jumper or cardigan

If you suffer from a moth infestation, it is important to prevent more damage than necessary. Have moths controlled by a professional pest controller. He will make sure that the damage is limited and give you good tips to prevent the moths from ever returning.

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