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Fighting mosquitoes

mosquito controlIf you are suffering from a mosquito infestation, in such a case, leave mosquito control to the pest controller. Mosquitoes are among one of the most hated insects. For humans, mosquitoes are of no use at all and we can experience serious nuisance from them. Everyone recognizes the problem of mosquitoes flying around the bedroom at night. Even a single mosquito can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Although a mosquito is vegetarian by nature, females get bloodthirsty tendencies during the period when they are fertile. They then feel a great need to sting you and ingest your blood. Their bites in turn trigger an allergic reaction, resulting in an itchy mosquito bite. In short, you have every reason to fight mosquitoes.

Mosquito nuisance? These are the main symptoms

You will probably recognize it. At night, you notice a mosquito flying around you with its irritating buzzing. You have no choice but to turn on the lights full blast and go looking for the mosquito. Once you catch the mosquito and think you can go back to sleep, you hear the buzzing again. There appear to be several mosquitoes flying around in your home. In fact, you can already speak of a mosquito nuisance if you have even one mosquito in your home. This already indicates what a nuisance mosquitoes can be. Especially on hot days when you have doors and windows open, there is a good chance that mosquitoes will fly into your home. The chance is further increased if you have standing water near your home, such as a pond, a rain barrel or standing water in a clogged gutter. You can then have a lot of problems with mosquitoes, not only in your home, but also in the garden.

Where do mosquitoes come from?

Mosquitoes are present worldwide and there are thousands of different species of mosquitoes. In Europe we already experience a lot of nuisance from mosquitoes, in tropical countries mosquitoes can be downright dangerous. A tropical fly can spread diseases, the best known of which is malaria. Mosquitoes in your home, don’t always have to come from outside. In fact, mosquitoes can survive the winter by seeking out warm places. In your home, these are, for example, the crawl space, the basement or in a drain. So you should not think that mosquitoes only occur in the summer, even in the winter you can be bothered by them. If you have problems with the sewer, you will find that you have more problems with mosquitoes. So you will have to pay attention if you have moisture problems or problems with your drains, because this is part of preventing mosquitoes in your home.

What should you especially not do?

In cases of severe mosquito nuisance, you may be driven to despair. Especially if you are kept awake at night, you really want to try everything to get rid of the mosquitoes. In some cases, this can lead to using products and methods that don’t actually work. For example, there are devices that need to be plugged into the wall socket and are said to emit an ultrasonic sound that stops mosquitoes. It is by no means proven that this works. The same is true with using lemon scented candles. It is true that mosquitoes are not fans of this scent, but one candle on the table does not make a difference. Nor has it been proven that mosquitoes are kept away by lamplight. They do like dark places, but leaving a lamp on will not reduce the nuisance.

What can you do?

You can certainly do something to minimize the nuisance. One way is to avoid pools of standing water. This attracts mosquitoes because this is where they lay their eggs. If you have a pond, you can cover it. Mosquitoes that hatch their eggs cannot then leave and it prevents mosquitoes from laying new eggs in the water. Also, keep your gutters free of leaves so that no water stays in them. Fix sewer and drain leaks as soon as possible. This is because this attracts not only mosquitoes, but other pests as well. A screen for windows and doors also helps keep mosquitoes out.

Fighting mosquitoes? Follow these 5 tips:

  1. Do you want to keep doors and windows open on hot days without being bothered by mosquitoes? Install a screen. It is also a good idea to install mosquito netting for vents.
  2. Make great use of fans on hot days. For mosquitoes, it becomes much too drafty and they can be difficult to fly.
  3. Do you have a pond? Besides covering it, you can also put fish in the pond. Fish will eat the mosquito larvae. A fountain will provide moving water, which is not attractive for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in.
  4. Do you go out into nature? Wear covering clothes as much as possible to avoid mosquito bites.
  5. If mosquito nuisance is very severe, it is wise to call in a professional pest controller.

Always have mosquito control performed by a pest controller!

If you have tried everything you can to reduce mosquito nuisance, but you are still suffering from mosquito nuisance, do not try to use chemical pesticides yourself. This can harm your health and the health of others. Much better to call in a pest controller. The pest controller is experienced in mosquito control and knows the best methods.

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