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Chasing out mice

Everyone who suffers from them tries it: chasing away mice! Mice are small and often look harmless but appearances are deceptive. Mice cause a lot of nuisance and damage in many households in the Netherlands, but also internationally. This damage is often caused because mice are rodents and they like to gnaw on all kinds of objects in the house. Think of gnawing on food, cables, wood, plastic and insulation material. As a result, these small animals can cause electrical wires to lie open, creating a risk of fire due to short circuits. In addition, they are spreaders of germs as they release their droppings in and around our food. In short, mice often look small and harmless, but are in fact dangerous animals that should be driven out as soon as possible.
chase away mice
Mice are originally rodents with an excellent ability to adapt to their environment. Remarkably, mice reproduce quickly, which in the most serious cases can cause a mouse infestation. In the Netherlands alone, there are many species of mice. Below are 4 mice indicated.

Type of Mice


House mouse – the mouse that is mostly found in houses because it likes to live in a warm environment. This mouse is naturally curious and invades a building through smallest openings. In addition, this mouse can climb straight up, allowing it to find food in houses in a resourceful way. This mouse reproduces close to the food source and is an omnivore that strikes at night. house mouse
Forest mouse – You guessed it, where will this mouse be? The forest, because that’s where he feels like a fish out of water. He prefers to live in bushes. The wood mouse is an excellent jumper, as it can jump up to 0.8 meters. Also, the wood mouse can dig very well, as it nests and hides its food under the ground. wood mouse
Field mouse – the field mouse lives mainly in dry and sheltered areas, where there are many plants. You can also find this mouse in fields, grass and possibly fallow areas. This is where it digs its nest, which it does at a depth of half a meter. The field mouse mainly eats plants and is therefore also a pest for farmers because it eats crops. Field mouse
Shrew – the mouse that lives mainly around buildings unless it gets too cold. The shrew, squeaks, swims and eats mainly insects and does so mostly during night. In addition, the shrew likes to nest in compost or just under the ground, because there it can find and eat spiders, larvae, worms and snails. Shrew

Chasing mice: 6 things to consider!

Now that we know what types of mice are, you can also quickly guess which mouse is in the house, the house mouse. The house mouse is something most people want to chase away, but it is not as easy as it seems. The house mouse reproduces quickly, so people have to act quickly to chase away mice.

Tips to chase away mice in the house come in many forms. First, we will give 6 tips to chase away mice in an animal-friendly or natural way. Second, we will give tips to chase away mice in a slightly less animal-friendly way.

  1. Having a clean house will prevent mice from coming

Our first tip is very simple and not always obvious. Namely, you need to keep your home clean! Mice love food scraps and if you leave them behind, you will make it very easy for these little animals. This is why we recommend storing open your food properly in cookie tins, bread tins, trays and boxes. With this method, you do not have to chase away mice, but make sure they do not even want to enter.

  1. Do you have openings in your home that mice are coming through? Seal them up!

Mice are very small and can wriggle through almost any crack. Make sure you seal these cracks so you don’t even give mice a chance. In short, this is a method that prevents mice from even entering your home, thereby indirectly driving the mice away.

  1. Tom & Jerry

We’re not talking about the Tom & Jerry series here, no. We are talking about taking a cat into the house, because the cat loves mice. And conversely, mice hate the smell of the cat and cat hair. In short, do you have mice and want some company in your home? Then get a cat, because it can chase away mice for you.

  1. You may believe it or not, but mice hate certain smells.

Do you have mice and want to chase them away? Then the natural scents of mint, mint tea and eucalyptus are a great solution. The mice will no longer come near these areas because they hate these scents. One way to diffuse this scent is to buy a eucalyptus and/or mint oil and diffuse this scent through a scent holder. In short, do you want to chase away mice and have a wonderful smell in your home? Then choose the scent method with mint and/or eucalyptus.

  1. Mice don’t like certain noises

Did you know that mice don’t like certain sounds? We’re not talking about the sounds we hear through our music streaming services, no. They don’t like ultrasonic sounds. These sounds can be made by devices that emit these ultrasonic sounds, thus chasing away mice. Ultrasonic means that we as humans cannot hear the sounds, but the mice can hear the very sounds and they find these sounds very irritating. In short, an ideal way to chase away mice is with ultrasonic sound. A little tip, make sure the device has a good range.

  1. the right bait

Want to catch and chase away mice? Then you need to use the right bait. Mice are commonly linked to cheese, but cheese is not the only way, as mice are really fond of sweet foods (peanut butter and or chocolate). If you place this food in a walk-in trap, you will have caught a mouse in no time. Once you have caught the mouse, you should release the mouse at least one kilometer from your own home. Interested in a walk-in trap? Go to a pet store, they sell plenty of walk-in traps.

Chasing mice for good

We now turn to slightly less animal-friendly methods of chasing away mice. Repelling mice using these methods is sometimes even illegal.

Glue, but this is no longer allowed!

The first way to chase away mice has now been banned and is even punishable. This method is by glue and was mostly used in the past. The glue is smeared on cardboard or planks. These planks are placed in the places where there are many mice and if the mice walk over them then chances are they will get stuck. The glue is very strong and does not dry out quickly. This made it an ideal way to catch and chase away mice because once the mice get stuck they die from stress, starvation and/or dehydration.

Mouse Poison

A common way to chase away mice is to use mouse poison. Mice like mouse poison and often take it to the nest. Mouse poison eventually causes mice to die from the poison, but it takes time. They often die within 1 to 2 days after eating it. If you’re lucky, the mice will take the poison with them to the nest and thus spread the poison.
mouse poison


Everyone is familiar with the mousetrap. The mousetrap method chases away and or kills mice with it. You buy a mousetrap and then you put bait (as discussed above) in the trap. Tension the mousetrap and place it around a strategic spot where many mice come. If the mouse comes to the trap to eat the bait, chances are if the mouse will not survive. In short, a non-animal friendly method by which you chase away mice, but definitely a working method to chase away mice. We recommend buying plastic mouse traps, as they are more powerful and do a better job.

Mouse trap and mouse poison combine

Personally, we combine the mouse trap with mouse poison. If you buy a box of mouse poison, you can make openings on both sides. Unfortunately, you then cause mice to come in on both sides to eat the mouse poison. We recommend opening one side and placing one or two mouse traps at the opening, because sooner or later you will have a mouse that wants to eat mouse poison and gets surprised by the mouse trap.

Subcontract mouse chasing

Chasing mice is best done with as little contact as possible. Mice are small, but what are we humans afraid of these small animals.A good method to chase away mice then is to call in the pest control who can do that for you. Then contact mouse and or pest control professionals, because they know how to chase away mice. These professionals often do so in a socially responsible manner, which means you won’t be bothered by mice for a long time.

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