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How do I treat longhorn beetle?
Various home remedies to control longhorn beetle can be found on the Internet. Many of these remedies are from grandmother’s time. Unfortunately, these remedies are not always effective.

Freezing small objects

Freezing objects could make them beetle-free. However, there are some snags here. For starters, the wood must cool completely to 20 degrees below zero. Only when the core gets at least 20 degrees of frost will all the larvae and nymphs die off. Moreover, this can only be done with small items. Of course, freezing your supporting beams (in the attic) is not possible.


A technique widely discussed on the Internet is to rub (untreated) wood with petroleum. Indeed longhorn beetles cannot stand this substance. However, the problem is that petroleum does not penetrate deep enough into the wood, causing eggs and larvae to survive. You may have dissolved the visible part, but under the surface it continues to breed.

Alcohol, vinegar or fragrance oil

It is also sometimes recommended to rub wood with alcohol and vinegar, or even peppermint oil. While this method does keep longhorn beetles at bay, it does not kill a longhorn beetle already present in the wood.


A remedy from grandmother’s time is to put down acorns. Longhorn beetles find acorns particularly attractive, so it is an easy method of catching longhorn beetles. The disadvantage, however, is that you catch only some of the longhorn beetles. Meanwhile, eggs and larvae remain in the wood, while some of the longhorn beetles also simply continue to reproduce. So this solution feels very effective, but unfortunately does not work as well as you would like.

Boktor exterminator

If your home is dear to you, choose a professional longhorn beetle exterminator. Because only with an expert approach can you be sure that the longhorn beetle will be completely eradicated.

Dressed in protective clothing, a professional pest controller works all visible wood with a spray. This spray contains a poison that penetrates deep into the wood. After spraying, the treated area must be well aired for at least 48 hours to allow the solvent to absorb. After treatment with this poison, your wood is guaranteed to be longhorn beetle free and you can continue to enjoy your fine home with peace of mind.

Which exterminator?

To help you find the right longhorn beetle exterminator in your area, we have prepared an overview. You can find this overview here.

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