Longhorn beetle control

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Longhorn beetle control

Longhorn beetle control is best left to a specialist. The longhorn beetle is a small critter that can cause extensive damage. The longhorn beetle is a beetle about one to two and a half inches in size. The longhorn beetle reproduces by laying eggs in the wood. This can be trees, but also the wood of your home or building, such as the roof beams or other support beams in your property.

Damage caused by the longhorn beetle

Each year, the longhorn beetle lays up to 200 eggs in the wood. When these eggs hatch, the larvae eat their way through the wood. This creates long bore holes. This weakens the wood. The larvae remain in the wood for about 5 years, after which they fly out and in turn lay eggs.

The many corridors weaken the wood. Each longhorn beetle larva eats away about half a kilo of wood each year. You can imagine the impact this has on the strength and robustness of the wood. In the worst cases, a property affected by longhorn beetle may experience collapse.

Do I have longhorn beetle?

Longhorn beetle is relatively easy to spot because boreholes are fairly shallow. You often see small oval holes in the wood, about 6-9 mm in diameter. The presence of boron flour  is also a clear sign that you are dealing with longhorn beetle.

The control of longhorn beetle

Untreated wood is more susceptible to longhorn beetle than treated wood. Therefore, controlling longhorn beetle begins with prevention. By treating wood with a wood preservative applied to the wood. The active ingredient soaks into the wood and increases its resistance to longhorn beetle. Larvae trapped in the wood then die. Another technique is to inject the borings with pesticide.

Fortunately, this treatment can also take place after the longhorn beetle has already been found. After treatment by our specialists, you are guaranteed to be “beetle-free” for ten years.

Do it yourself or call in a specialist?

There are longhorn beetle control products for sale that you can do yourself. The risk, however, is that treatment by a Do-It-Yourself specialist may not be fully effective, so the problem may be alleviated but not solved.

This is because longhorn beetle control is specialized work. Professional exterminators know where to look and go beyond superficial treatment.

Because of health concerns, it is also important to be properly protected from the agent. Longhorn beetle exterminators wear, of course, protective clothing. For this reason, the room in which control is applied must be well ventilated for at least 2 days.

We therefore recommend using a specialist. Contact us and we will find a specialized pest controller for you.

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