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Control the fruitflies

Eating fruit is healthy. Almost everyone knows this, so in many households there is a nice bowl full of fresh fruit on the table or in the kitchen. But nothing is so annoying when you take a piece of fruit from the bowl all of a sudden all kinds of tiny flies fly off your fruit. These are the so-called fruit flies that bother a lot of people. Especially when fruit has been lying there for a few days and the weather is warm, you can suffer from enormous numbers of fruit flies.

Nevertheless, the fruit fly is a useful link in the ecosystem. Fruitflies help to clean up organic material and especially food remains. In addition, fruitflies play a major role in scientific research and are frequently used for laboratory research. Although fruit flies are not harmful to households, they remain irritating. For companies such as factories that work with fresh food or growers, fruit flies can be harmful and fruit fly control is absolutely necessary.

Nuisance to fruit flies? These are the most important symptoms:

If you have a lot of fruit flies around a fruit bowl, for example, this can be very difficult, but it is not dangerous. The idea is that it is unhygienic to put your teeth into a piece of fruit on which fruit flies have been sitting, but it will not make you sick. Fruit and vegetable growers can experience enormous nuisance and their crops can be affected by fruit flies. An important task of the grower is therefore to control fruit flies in order to prevent their crops from being affected. Fruit flies will sit on the fruit and vegetables, but they also lay their eggs near their food source. In this way, you can get very large numbers of fruit flies very quickly.

Where do fruit flies come from?

Fruit flies do not have a particular area where they come today. Fruitflies can be found all over the world. However, the types of fruit flies may vary from area to area. There is no single species of fruit fly. There are many different kinds of fruit flies. Even in your home there is a good chance that they are different kinds of flies, but because of their small size we cannot make a distinction and all these flies are classified under the name fruit fly. Fruit, fruits, rotting plants, droppings of organisms and liquids containing yeast are the places where you will always find fruit flies, because they feed on them. Removing these agents is a first step to control fruit flies.

What should you especially not do?

Especially in warm weather it is wise not to leave the dishes too long. Glasses with leftover lemonade, beer or wine can also attract fruit flies. It is best to wash them immediately after use, so that you don’t get any fruit flies. Do not leave fruit open and naked in the kitchen or living room for too long. Even if the fruit is fresh, it will certainly attract fruit flies because of the odours. Do not leave bins open either, because this is a source that will attract fruit flies. Even if your bin is not full and you suffer from fruit flies, it is wise to change the rubbish bag.

What can you do?

Make sure you keep fruit in a closed box. If you take a plastic box, it will not draw any odours through it. Do not leave food residue on the kitchen counter and always store food residue in closed kitchen cabinets. Fruit flies hate the smell of strong spices. So if you have your fruit open in a fruit bowl, it may help to put loose cloves between the fruit. The same goes for the scents of lavender, sage or garlic. You can put one of these plants in your home. If you suffer from fruit flies on a larger scale or for companies that work with fresh food, it is advisable to call in a professional fighter who can combat the fruit flies.

How can you prevent fruit flies?

If you adhere to the most important precautionary measures, such as storing food, you will suffer little from fruit flies. The most important thing is that your home is free of all food odours and that you add odours that fruit flies hate, such as lavender or other strong herbal smells. This is the best way to control and prevent fruit flies.

Combat fruitflies? Follow these 5 tips:

  1. Do not put fresh food that can spoil open in the room. If you do want a fruit bowl, make sure that the bowl is filled with herbs next to the fruit.
  2. Make a trap by putting rotten fruit in a jar and cover it with cling film in which holes have been punctured.
  3. Fruit flies also like vinegar. Place a bowl of vinegar with a dash of detergent. It attracts the flies, but they will sink through the mixture and drown.
  4. Do not leave empty bottles or cans. There are often leftovers and that attracts fruit flies.
  5. If you really suffer a lot from fruit flies or if you have a business problem with fruit flies, have a professional fighter visit you to fight fruit flies.

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