Drain flies control

Control drain flies

When you discover drain flies in your home, it is immediately time to take action. These creatures belonging to the family of mosquitoes do not sting. They therefore sound quite harmless. Nevertheless, it is very important that the drain flies are combated. They are carriers of many diseases and bacteria. You do not want these creatures in your house. It is best to leave the control of drain flies to a professional pest controller. A can of insect repellent is certainly not enough to control drain flies. Opt for a thorough and professional approach by a pest controller.

Moth mosquito nuisance? These are the most important symptoms:

First of all, it is important to note that you are dealing with drain flies. drain flies are small creatures about four millimetres long. They have large wings and a hairy head. At first sight they look more like butterflies than mosquitoes.
These drain flies reproduce in water. Did you leave a puddle in the sink or a bowl of water? Then there is a good chance that they reproduce here. Do you see this little creature especially in humid areas? Then there is a good chance that you are dealing with drain flies. drain flies can lay 10 to 200 eggs at a time. A moth mosquito plague can therefore develop quickly.
Mosquitoes can come from anywhere. Many drain flies come from the sewers. Did your sewer suffer from water nuisance? Then drain flies can seize their chance. Drain flies are very sensitive to damp spots so make sure your house is moisture free and don’t leave any trays with water.

What should you especially not do?

The worst way to combat mosquitoes is to be inconsistent. Do you tackle drain flies one day, but do you not continue your approach? Then they can reproduce again quickly. It is important that you persist with your approach. Too many pesticides is not a good solution either. You can certainly control many drain flies in this way, but it is not good for your home and your health.
If you suffer from drain flies, you should never leave water behind. Always wash your dishes directly or put dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher.

What can you do?

You can break the reproduction of drain flies yourself. Make sure that there is no water available in the house where they can reproduce. Many drain flies reproduce in the damp drains of the shower or sink. Pour a few litres of boiling water through this every day to break down reproduction. To get rid of drain flies right away, it is best to call in a professional pest controller in your area.

How can you prevent drain flies?

Mosquitoes are not always preventable. Sometimes a lot of water in the sewage system can cause the mosquitoes to surface by themselves. Still, you can prevent mosquitoes by not leaving puddles of water behind. Provide a clean and dry sink and a dry bathroom to prevent mosquitoes.

Fighting mosquitoes? Follow these 5 tips:

  1. Break through replanting. The best way to prevent a moth mosquito infestation is to tackle the source of the evil. Make sure that the drain flies cannot reproduce to prevent a pest.
  2. Meppen. With an (electric) fly swatter you can slap all visible mosquitoes. This is time consuming, but often has a good result.
  3. Paint the drain. Many eggs are laid in the drain. By gluing them off, mosquitoes cannot get in or out. Glue the drain and when you open it again, rinse boiling water immediately to get rid of the mosquitoes.
  4. Insect spray. A lot of insect repellent has to be used if you want to get rid of all drain flies, but it can be a first step. Spray the insect repellent on areas where the drain flies like to be. Spray in the kitchen and in the drains so that the drain flies don’t get in.
  5. A clean house. Drain flies come down on moisture and dirty locations. Therefore make sure your house is always clean. Remove dirt from the drains and make sure that no water remains in the bathroom. By keeping your house spick and span, you can easily prevent mosquitoes. Do you want to control drain flies? First make sure your house is clean.

Have we managed to fight the drain flies ourselves? That is great news! Did you manage to get rid of the drain flies in the house? Then make sure you hire a professional pest exterminator to get rid of the drain flies in your house once and for all. Control drain flies is crucial for a healthy living environment. Tackle it thoroughly with a professional pest repellent.

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