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Controlling cockroaches

The terror of many is a cockroach infestation in your home or business premises, and that fear is for good reason. The cockroach is known worldwide as an unsanitary and disease spreading pest and nothing could be further from the truth. They are found all over the world and they are tough rascals. A cockroach is an omnivore and, in the absence of food, simply proceeds to attack paper, shoes and other unpredictable food sources. Controlling cockroaches is not a choice but a must. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to the diseases the cockroach can spread. Examples include dysentery, salmonella, but the droppings of these pests can also cause eczema or asthma. Therefore, when you observe cockroaches in your home or business premises, it is important to control the cockroaches immediately.

Cockroaches nuisance? These are the main symptoms:

Cockroaches are not always easy to detect. In some cases, they are hidden for years. If you suspect you are suffering from cockroaches, the following symptoms are good to keep an eye on.

Detection of the pests

Fighting cockroaches is one thing but discovering them first is another. One often discovers a cockroach infestation by seeing the creatures somewhere. Crawling, but sometimes also dead. Often this is in the kitchen or other places where food, but also, for example, garbage are easy to find. The cockroach knows how to hide during the day and only becomes really active at dusk and dark.


Much easier than finding the animal itself is finding feces. These look very similar to the grains of ground coffee and are often 1 millimeter in size or smaller. The droppings are often found where the cockroaches gather.


In addition to the many droppings, there is another reason why cockroaches leave an odor. This is because they secrete a lot of pheromones. With these they communicate and they lure their mating partners. The smell is very strong and increases as the size of the colony of cockroaches increases.


Finding egg packets is also a sign of cockroaches’ presence. The female carries these egg packets with her until the young hatch. The empty egg packets are oblong, reddish-brown in color and about the size of a grain of rice. The molting skin is also commonly found. The eggs, egg packets and molt skins usually indicate that the nest is near.

Where do cockroaches come from?

Cockroaches are found worldwide. In one country they are monstrously large in other countries like ours they are generally less gigantic. If you suffer from cockroaches it does not necessarily mean that the environment is not clean enough. Cockroaches are just looking for food sources and it does not matter to them whether it is in a clean and fresh house or in a dirty house. Cockroaches are often found in places that rarely see the light of day such as under stoves and microwaves, behind refrigerators and freezers, as well as in basements and kitchen cabinets. Cockroaches can pass through the smallest cracks, crevices and openings with ease. In apartment buildings, it is also common for them to move from one apartment to another through air ducts. So fighting cockroaches is sometimes an individual matter but sometimes consultation with neighbors and a joint plan is necessary.

What should you especially not do?

Cockroaches are strong insects that can take a beating. Controlling cockroaches cannot be done with just any insecticide. Thus, there is no point in trying to fight them yourself with sprays and insecticides that are not specifically produced against cockroaches. Cockroaches are enormously strong insects that have already become immune to many poisons. You cannot fight these pests with a fly swatter either. Above all, remember that for every visible cockroach, a multitude is still hiding somewhere. Never underestimate the presence of cockroaches in residential or commercial spaces. If you do not take action then you can assume that the problem will surely become an even bigger problem within a considerable time. Seek timely help from a professional exterminator.

What can you do?

Make sure food is kept tightly sealed. Clean places where easily spilled food and fats remain with regularity. For example, there is always something edible for the cockroach under stoves and microwaves. Do not leave leftover food open and exposed. Cover food items. A decoy box in cockroach-prone places can be a good help in detecting the possible presence of cockroaches in time. Remember, however, that bait boxes do not have perpetual efficacy and replace them regularly. Make sure there are no unnecessary gaps, openings and cracks in places where you cannot easily and regularly clean.

How can you prevent cockroaches?

Despite the fact that cockroaches do not distinguish between clean and less clean spaces, it is important to keep spaces clean. A clean room automatically means fewer food sources for the cockroach. Already opened packages of food are best kept in jars or sturdy sealable containers. By doing so, you can at least make your home or office as unattractive as possible to cockroaches and other pests. Regularly check your kitchen and pantry cabinets for the presence of cockroaches or their droppings and egg packets.

Controlling cockroaches? Follow these 5 tips:

    1. Remove them from easy access to food sources
    2. Use decoys to limit their numbers
    3. Already search for the source/nest
    4. If you suspect the cockroaches are coming from your neighbors inform them!
    5. Contact a professional pest controller

Always have cockroach control performed by a pest control professional!

There are different types of poison available in hardware stores and other stores. Unfortunately, the cockroach has already evolved in such a way that the pest is often already resistant to the poisons that may be sold over the counter. The poison used by a professional pest controller is of an entirely different caliber and will be many times more effective. Controlling cockroaches is therefore not a simple job. It is a stubborn type of pest that you won’t get rid of overnight.

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