Cluster flies control

Cluster fly control

In spring and summer, flying can be extremely annoying. In addition, they are not hygienic insects, so you always have to cover your drinks and food outside. You can also have a lot of annoyance from flies indoors. If windows and doors are open and you don’t have protection for them, you will have several flies flying around your house in no time. There are many different kinds of flies, of which the housefly is the most famous one. Another type of fly is the Cluster Fly.

Cluster flies are larger than the housefly and they carry this name because they form clusters of up to thousands of flies, especially in autumn and winter. Together they look for a sheltered place to spend the winter. These can be cavity walls, attics or barns. From cluster flies you can also suffer in the winter. That is why it is important to fight cluster flies. Clusterfly control can prevent them from entering your house or coming back the next winter.

Nuisance from cluster flies? These are the main symptoms

In summer and early autumn you will have little nuisance from cluster flies. They will only be as annoying as the housefly. But when temperatures drop, cluster flies look for a sheltered place to hibernate. The habit is that they form a cluster of hundreds to thousands of flies and wait for the winter in a certain place. Corners, niches and holes in houses are favorite, but also high buildings, where they can hide under the roof or attic. It is not pleasant to have such a group of flies in the attic, even though you might seldom get there. When spring arrives, the flies want to go outside again. You will then be able to find them massively on the inside of the windows and it is necessary to fight cluster flies.

Where do cluster flies come from?

Cluster flies are found all over the world. It is true that they often depend on people and the waste that people leave behind. Only very cold or hot areas, such as the North Pole and Antarctica or certain desert areas, you should not expect cluster flies. In addition, the cluster fly, like all other species of flies, is often found in the vicinity of cattle and garbage. These are also the places where flies lay their eggs and where the larvae hatch. An important feature of cluster flies is that they survive autumn and winter by gathering in clusters to get through the winter in sheltered places.

What should you especially not do?

Once you have suffered from cluster flies, chances are they will come back next winter. The flies leave behind a substance that attracts other flies or that serves as a landmark. So you know that you have holes or cracks in your house through which they come in. The most important thing is not to do anything about it. If you don’t close the holes and cracks, then you know for sure that you will be visiting again next winter and will have to fight cluster flies again.

What can you do?

Go as soon as possible, preferably before autumn arrives your home after possible entrances for the flies. These can be cracks or holes, but also edges of window frames that are not properly sealed. So check your outside walls carefully and repair any damage. Also old windows that do not close or insulate properly are possible passageways for cluster flies. Take care of these things as well and make sure that window frames are properly sealed. This not only helps against cluster flies, it also improves the insulation value of the house. If you suffer a lot from cluster flies, it helps to use a pest exterminator. They can fight shag flies with the right means.

How can you prevent cluster flies?

Seal all holes and cracks and joints in your home and kit also window frames well. If you have open ventilation holes in the wall, then it is also very easy for Cluster flies to get in. It is best to cover the ventilation holes with a fine grid. Anyway, it is also handy to place mosquito nets in front of windows and doors. This is not only for the prevention of box flies, but also against house flies and all other pests. If you have ever been bothered by cluster flies, you can atomize those areas with a pesticide. This way you prevent them from coming back. If you want to prevent them from coming back, you can use a fighter.

Fight cluster flies? Follow these 5 tips:

    1. Do you have a cluster of flies in your home during the winter? You will notice that they are less active during the winter. It is even possible to vacuum a whole cluster with the vacuum cleaner. Then immediately spray the vacuum cleaner bag with pesticide and throw it away.
    2. Don’t invite cluster flies yourself, by keeping your house open. Close all holes and cracks.
    3. Is it spring now and you discover cluster flies? Then open the window in the space in question, because they would love to go outside now.
    4. For very large clusters it is useful if you let the pest controller come by to control the cluster flies.


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