Small black bugs in the bed, what kind is it?

Itching on your arms and legs, you see something small on the white sheet scurry away.
You are sitting comfortably on the couch and suddenly you see a strange dark dot jumping away. It could be that you have been visited by a pair of teasers eager to drink your blood. Below is a description of how to recognize who you are dealing with and what you can do to get rid of these unwanted guests.


Bed bugs live all over the world. You can find them in hotels, on trains and planes, you can encounter them anywhere. They crawl between your clothes and travel with you in your luggage. Bedbugs are especially active at night, feeding on your blood. They like heat, sweat and a dark place. Their color is dark brown and the body is oval in shape, with six legs and no wings.

How do I recognize bed bugs?

  • On your arms, legs and neck, you have small red bumps that are very itchy.
  • In the night you feel like something is crawling over you.
  • On the sheet you find small black or red dots. These are bug droppings and small blood spots.
  • If you are lucky, you will see a small dark bug running away fast. Adult animals are about 5 mm long.

Where are bed bugs located?

The bugs, their eggs and larvae can be found in the seams of your mattress and in the cracks of your bed. They hide under baseboards, around the legs of the bed, in bags, suitcases and any dark place they find. A bed bug infestation can be persistent. Fighting bedbugs yourself has little chance of success. Better to quickly call an extermination company for help.


Fleas need a furry host and are brought in by our pets. Occasionally, you may bring home a few fleas yourself in your clothing. Their diet consists of the blood of warm-blooded animals. These insects have a reddish-brown to black color and are about 3 mm in size. They do not have a wing, but are equipped with powerful jumping legs.

How do I recognize fleas?

  • Your pet is scratching frequently and is clearly itchy.
  • On your lower legs and around your ankles you have small itchy bumps.
  • You suddenly see on your skin or on light-colored clothing a small dark dot jumping away.
  • It looks like dots dancing across your carpet.

Where are fleas commonly found?

Adult fleas can be found between the hairs of your dog or cat. In the place where your pet sleeps or lies down regularly you will see them jumping away and on blankets and pillows you will find black specks of poop. Flea eggs and larvae are found in cracks, along baseboards and under thresholds. There are several remedies on the market that you can use to treat pets. Knocking out baskets and washing blankets to remove eggs and larvae can help. If you don’t have pets in your home or if you see fleas jumping around regularly ask a pest control company for help.


Dust mites live in every home. They are small spider-like insects with 8 legs. They grow no larger than 0.3 mm and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Their diet consists mainly of dead skin cells from humans and pets.

How to recognize mites?

Usually you will not notice their presence. Occasionally, a person may have an allergic reaction to dust mite droppings, such as irritated airways or skin complaints.

Where are mites located

The mites live mainly in mattresses, pillows and bedding. You can also find these tiny creatures in carpets and curtains. Keeping your home as dust-free as possible, airing regularly and washing sheets hot can help reduce allergic reactions. For severe symptoms, a specialized company can perform deep cleaning of mattresses and carpets.

Author: Hopper