Rats are vermin that increasingly cause the necessary nuisance. They often cause damage to buildings and spread disease. Again, prevention is better than cure. According to the law you are not allowed to use poison yourself to eliminate rats. By applying the right tips, you can limit the risks to the environment as much as possible.

Heat and food attracts mice just like rats. In built-up areas, rodents are often hidden in sewers, parks and crawl spaces. The brown rat has been known as a pest for a long time, but in recent years the exotic black rat has caused more and more nuisance.

Prevent rats with the following tips:

  • Make sure that all crevices and air holes including the cellar access are closed. It is important, however, that the ventilation remains intact in order to prevent the formation of mould.
  • Prevent food lying around and watch out for rubbish heaps around your house.


  • Animal enclosures must be fitted with fine mesh, this keeps the rats out. The rodent likes to snack in chicken coops.
  • If you store firewood in the garden, make sure that there are no possibilities to nest.

What can you do against rats?

If the above measures have not helped or they are applied too late, then the rats are probably already present. It is permitted to control rats on your own property, however the use of poison is prohibited. Poison that is not used properly can cause rats to become resistant to the poison. Protected or useful animals can also die from the poison. Therefore, use approved pesticides, such as various traps or clamps.

As soon as you find out there are rats in or around your house and garden, it is best to call in an approved pest controller. The person or organisation in question will first carry out prevention measures and ensure that the animals will not suffer unnecessarily. If you place clamps or traps yourself, there is a considerable chance that they will be placed incorrectly.

Tips for self-control of rats:

  • Contact also the neighbours and the municipality so that you can jointly create a plan to fight the rats.
  • It is only allowed to hunt rats on your own property. This can only be done with the means that are permitted, such as a trap or a clamp.
  • Don’t use poison, besides destroying the ecosystem around your house, it is also forbidden by law.
  • Please ensure that you take into account the fact that you will have to engage a recognised fighter.

Invoice professionals in case of an infestation

When rats are actively inconvenienced, the removal of eaten food is usually not enough to get rid of it. The chance that the rodents are on your neighbours’ property is considerable, so involve them in the control as well. Involving the municipality is also advisable, they have experience with this. If you want to place clamps and traps yourself, make sure they are correctly placed and approved by law. Only pest controllers who have been approved may actually place poison to eliminate rats.

Author: Hopper