How to move a wasp’s nest yourself

The moment you discover a wasp’s nest you will have to take action. There is a chance that you will have to call a specialist to have it removed. This is certainly the case with large wasp nests. However, is the wasp’s nest in your house or garden a little smaller? Then you can choose to remove it yourself. It is important to look out for it. We would like to give you nine tips on how to remove your wasp’s nest. Keep in mind that you do not run any risks yourself.

TIP 1: DO NOT wear any loose clothing

It may sound self-evident. However, mistakes are still being made here. People think that long clothes are enough. However, that is not the case. The moment you wear long clothes that are very loose you can still easily be stabbed. As soon as you touch the nest, the wasps will defend it. They do this by flying in on you massively and they can easily get into a sleeve or collar.


Even if you let all the clothes fit seamlessly to your body, you will still have to protect your head. Wearing just a cap will not be enough. Preferably wear a hat just like the beekeeper wears it. Chances are, however, that you will not have these at home. A hood that can be put on tightly can help. A hood that is not tight enough around the head can ensure that the wasp still gets into your hood.

TIP 3: Pick the right time for the wasp.
A wasp’s nest is the least dangerous in spring. This is often the time when the wasp’s nest is still very small, because the wasps are only just active. You could also remove a wasp’s nest later in the year. In that case you have to make sure the wasp’s nest is not too big. If the wasp’s nest is bigger than a mango, it is better to leave it hanging. In this case you will probably need the help of a specialist.


A wasp’s nest is many times less dangerous when the queen is eliminated. With larger wasp nests this can be difficult to determine. Smaller variants are easier to recognise. If you can easily detach the wasp’s nest, drop it into a bucket of water. Wait for an hour and then check carefully to see if you have a queen as well.


Make sure you have the appropriate distribution material. If you are using powder or wasp spray, make sure you have the best distribution material in the house right away. This may be a bit more expensive. Look especially at reviews from real consumers to verify this.


It sometimes happens that one tries to burn a wasp’s nest with fire or boiling water. However, you have to be near the nest for a longer period of time to do this. Chances are that the wasps realise that you are attacking them. Before the nest is destroyed the wasps will have already started the attack.


Wasps will panic when they are attacked. Do you have neighbours who live right next door to you and also sit outside? Then choose to inform them before they are attacked as well.

TIP 8: do not use a ladder

Wasp nests at high altitudes are very dangerous to remove. We therefore strongly advise against the use of a ladder. As soon as the wasps are on to you, you will have to get off the ladder, which takes a lot of time. During this period the wasps have free play.


Are you worried that the previous tips will help you? Then choose to call in the services of a specialist. They know what they are doing and have the right materials to turn off the wasp’s nest.