There is almost nothing as annoying as having fleas nestling in your bedding, mattress or blankets. The creatures bite you, causing itching. In addition to fleas, you can also have to deal with so-called bedbugs in bed. Both types of vermin are very small and barely visible. You can distinguish fleas from bedbugs, because fleas jump. Bedbugs only walk and crawl. In this article we give you 6 practical tips to get rid of fleas in your bed. Take advantage of them!

1. No pets in your bed

One of the best tips we can give you is not to allow pets in your bed. Many pet owners find it best to leave the cat or dog in bed to cuddle at the weekend. However cozy this may be, if your pet has fleas you run the risk of the fleas (via eggs) ending up in your bed. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the fluids in bed, do not leave your dog or cat in bed with you.

2. Wash your bedding correctly

You can also get rid of fleas in bed by washing your bed linen regularly, once a week is sufficient, at a high temperature. The most ideal temperature for washing the linen is at least sixty degrees Celsius. Fleas, flea eggs, pupae, mites and larvae certainly do not survive this. Do you want even more certainty that all vermin have been killed after washing? Then put your bedding in the dryer for at least another 20 minutes after washing. That way, you can get rid of those nasty fleas in no time!

3. Make a means to fight fleas

By using a ready-to-use or homemade pesticide, you can also get rid of the fleas in your bed. Anti-flea or pest repellents are available online and in drugstores, which you can spray on your bedding to get rid of the fleas. If you want to make your own medicine, you can of course. You can make a good remedy by mixing the following liquids: four litres of vinegar, two litres of water, 500 ml of lemon juice and 250 ml of hamalelis. Mix this into a liquid and use a spray bottle to spray your mattress and bedding with. Make sure you vacuum thoroughly beforehand. And, of course, do not make your mattress soaking wet!

4. Vacuum your mattress bedroom regularly

What also helps against fleas in your bed is regularly vacuuming the mattress on your bed thoroughly. This will suck up eggs and larvae from fleas, lice and other small vermin. Also take the surroundings around your bed with you, so that your bedroom is immediately clean and fresh.

5. Close holes and cracks in your bedroom

Many vermin – such as fleas, bedbugs, butterfly fish, spiders, but also mice – end up in the bedroom through small holes and cracks. Therefore, check all corners and holes of the bedroom and make sure that your seams and cracks are properly sealed with a quality filler. This will make it even more difficult for vermin to enter and reduce the risk of fleas and lice in your bed.

6. Pay attention when you go on holiday

Are you going on holiday and staying in a hotel or cottage? Then there is a chance that you will have to deal with bedbugs and/or fleas. Before you go to sleep in the bed, check the mattress and bedding for faeces from these animals. Is there a hoover in the hotel room or holiday home? Then vacuum the mattress and the area around the bed thoroughly before you start using the bed.

Author: Hopper