How to recognize bed bugs

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How to recognize bed bugs.

The bed bug, formerly also referred to wrongfully as a wall aphid, is becoming more and more common with us. The cause of this is often damaged luggage that comes from warm countries or materials such as wood that are imported and on which the bedbugs are present. In themselves, they are not harmful to public health, but when confronted with them, it can be quite annoying. The important thing is to be able to recognise them quickly in order to be able to take action to prevent worse. It is easier to recognise bedbugs if you can distinguish between the following characteristics.

Physical characteristics

Recognising bedbugs by their physical characteristics you should pay attention to the following.
Assuming that the bedbug is only a good 6 mm in size and its eggs only 1 mm, it is not so obvious to notice them immediately.
The bedbug itself has a red-brown or dark brown colour and has a flat and broad body with a red-brown or dark brown colour. The eggs are white and very difficult to notice with the naked eye. In both cases a magnifying glass can be the solution to recognize the bug or the egg. Of course it is desirable to be able to identify the eggs already, this can limit a further spread.

Bedbugs are parasitic bugs, which means that they feed on your blood and that leaves traces. In general you won’t feel the biting, but will form a red and itchy spot that can also feel burning. This is one of the well-known bedbug symptoms. People often think it is a mosquito or spider bite and don’t pay too much attention to it. However, if you have a few spots next to each other, there is a good chance that the bites of the bedbug are present. The different spots next to each other are due to the fact that the bedbug was disturbed during the blood sucking and will try several times in a row to still be able to feed on your blood. If you notice three or more spots next to each other, there is a good chance that they are the bites of the bedbug. This is a typical phenomenon that you will not see with mosquitoes and spiders.

Use your nose

A good way to notice the presence of bedbugs is the smell they spread. This can be described as sweet and rather almond-like. If you notice this when, for example, entering your bedroom, a bell should already be ringing. Disadvantage of this method of recognition is that the smell will only be perceptible when the bedbugs are already very abundant and you can already speak of a plague. Do you want to be able to detect the smell faster? A dog has a much sharper sense of smell and will smell danger at a much earlier stage of spreading. There are even pest control companies that use dogs to detect it.

Check your bed

Bedbugs are mainly active at night and feed on your blood. It goes without saying that your bed is their ideal place to stay. If you notice red or brown slices on your mattress, these are either from the bug itself that was crushed because you turn around in your sleep, for example, or from the faeces of the bug. In both cases, the presence of the spots is an indication for further examination of your mattress.

Check your entire home

Although bedbugs mainly occur in your bedroom and especially in your bed, you may also find traces in other places in your home. So search thoroughly for the bugs themselves or the eggs and be alert for light brown almost transparent sheets. The latter are moults of a bug that is not yet fully grown.
Because bedbugs like to hide, there is a good chance that they will mainly be found in the vicinity of crevices and cracks, behind loose wallpaper and in cracks in the wall.

Recognising bedbugs will be a lot easier if you clearly know what to pay attention to on the basis of the above. So be sure to go through all the steps and assure yourself of their presence.

Recognising bedbugs and taking action

If, after reading the above, you went looking for bedbugs in the house and found them, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Bedbugs reproduce very quickly and before you know it you are dealing with a real plague. Controlling them yourself is very difficult because it is almost impossible to eradicate them all by yourself and leave none untouched.
Recognising bedbugs is the first step, destroying them is the logical next step. If you suspect or are sure that your home was affected by the bedbug, contact a specialised pest control company as soon as possible, who will come and professionally exterminate the bugs for you.

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