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Control bed bugs

bed bugs are a nasty pest. They can cause itching and irritation and make it almost impossible for you to sleep at night. When dealing with bed bugs, it is important that you tackle this problem as soon as possible. Always call in the help of a professional pest repellent. In this way you can be sure of a thorough pest control and you will be able to sleep on two ears again. In the meantime, there are also a number of things you can do yourself. We will tell you more!

bed bugs bite? These are the most important symptoms:

You can only fight bed bugs if you actually know they are there. It is therefore useful that you know how to recognise bed bugs. bed bugs bite because they live off blood. If you can recognise the bite, you can be sure that bed bugs bother you. However, the problem is that a bed bug bite is difficult to recognise.

A bed bug bite manifests itself mainly in red bumps, but these can also be caused by allergy, which makes it difficult to recognise bed bugs. What are the symptoms of a bed bug bite? If a bed bug has bitten you, you will mainly suffer from severe itching. The remarkable thing is that this itching can last for a very long time, up to two weeks. If you notice that you suddenly get red bumps on your skin which are accompanied by itching, it is advisable to inspect your bed. Keep in mind that bed bugs are difficult to see, adult bed bugs are only 5 millimetres long. In addition, they are small creatures that can hide well. So when inspecting your bed, pay attention to small brown bugs or black spots that indicate faeces.
Where did those nasty insects come from so suddenly? It is difficult to say exactly where bed bugs come from. Usually, people have to deal with bed bugs when they return from travelling. The bed bugs then crawled into the suitcase and found a place to hide. So it is certainly not the case that only people with poor hygiene have to deal with bed bugs. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone.

bed bugs fables & facts

Every now and then you will hear something about bed bugs. bed bugs could pass on diseases, you could feel a bed bug bite and the bugs could not fly. What is correct and what is not? We tell you!

Myth: bed bugs only live in bed

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings about bed bugs. These little creatures do not only live in bed. Although they do have a preference to crawl into your bed. bed bugs can be found practically everywhere. Like on carpets, in chairs, on cupboards, in skirting boards, curtains, sockets, and so on. It is important to know this, because when you discover bed bugs it is not enough to examine your bed. The only way to combat bed bugs is to thoroughly examine the whole room. That is why it is best to have a professional do this for you!

Fact: bed bugs cannot fly

It is true that bed bugs cannot fly. However, they can crawl very well, which allows them to move around easily. So even though these little creatures cannot fly, that does not mean that they cannot move quickly and easily.

Myth: you can feel a bed bug bite

It is often thought that you can feel a bed bug bite. However, that is not the case. In fact, if bed bugs bite you, they secrete saliva with a narcotic effect. It is therefore impossible to feel a bite from a bed bug. It is not for nothing that these creatures have been a real plague for thousands of years!

Fact: bed bugs can survive for months without feeding

One of the reasons why bed bug control is so difficult is because they can survive for a very long time without food. bed bugs live off blood, but if they don’t find anyone to bite, they can survive several months at room temperature.

Fact: bed bugs spread diseases

bed bugs are nasty creatures, but there is no need to worry that they will spread disease. bed bugs are in principle not dangerous, but that does not mean that they are very annoying. Moreover, they can provoke allergic reactions.

Myth: you can control bed bugs yourself with insecticide spray

When you notice bed bugs, it is normal that you want to do everything you can to get rid of them as soon as possible. Many people then rush to the shop to buy an insecticide spray. This spray will help a little, but it is practically impossible to control all bed bugs with this spray. The danger is that you think the bed bugs are gone for good, while those that remain multiply more and more. So it is better to leave bed bug control to a professional!

Fighting bed bugs: what not to do

If you notice bed bugs, it is especially important that you don’t just turn your house upside down. That way you will ensure that the bed bugs can spread even more. This will make the control of bed bugs even more difficult. So try to leave all objects where they are. Rather call in the help of a professional as soon as possible.

What can you do?

Professional help from a pest controller is therefore the best solution. But sometimes, while waiting for help, you want to take measures yourself. Fortunately, there are then a number of things you can do. For example, it is important that you change your bed on time. By doing so, you will not only combat the bed bug, but also prevent it. If you want to wash your bedding with bed bugs, always put it in a sealed bag or better still: put your bedding immediately in the washing machine. Make sure you wash your bedding at a high temperature and also have your mattress steamed. After that, make sure your room is well maintained; vacuum well and don’t forget to take the seams and cracks with you.

How can you prevent the bed bug?

Although you will not be bothered by bed bugs due to poor hygiene, good hygiene is a good way to prevent bed bugs. If you clean your room and make your bed sufficiently, bed bugs will be less likely to hide. This will allow you to detect them more quickly and you will be able to control the bed bugs in time.

Combat the bed bug? Follow these 5 tips:

Tip 1: Stay away

If you notice bed bugs, it is not a good idea to stay in the same room of the bed bugs. Even if you sleep in a bed that is far away from the affected bed. bed bugs spread very easily. So it is better to sleep in a hotel or with your family. Make sure that you do not carry bed bugs in your suitcase.

Tip 2: Make sure there is enough light

Is it not an option for you to sleep somewhere else? Then make sure that there is always plenty of light in your room. bed bugs are nocturnal animals and do not like light. If there is a lot of light in your room, you will have less trouble with these creatures.

Tip 3: Always keep your house clean

The best way to notice bed bugs is to clean your house on time and change your bed regularly.

Tip 4: Freeze your clothes

You may find this tip a little odd, but it is one that works well. By freezing your clothes for a longer period of time you can kill bed bugs.

Tip 5: Be careful when travelling or visiting

If you have been travelling or visiting, it is important to always inspect your suitcase properly. bed bugs usually come into your house because you bring them from somewhere else.

Let bed bug control always be carried out by a pest exterminator!

Do you want to get rid of this annoying bed bug plague for good? Then it is best to hire a professional to fight your bed bugs. A professional knows exactly what to do to make your whole house bed bug-free. That way you can enjoy a carefree night’s sleep again!

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